Amberel - TOP CACHE

The quality of caches can be very variable. Some are in superb locations, some are ingenious or humorous, some difficult and some cleverly disguised or hidden. To reward these top quality caches we make a geocoin for the owners, engraved with the name of the cache and the c/o.

Inevitably the choice of caches is subjective. I allocate up to 10 points for the location - a great walk, a lovely view, unusual or challenging terrain, an interesting or historical place. 10 points for the cache, i.e. the cache page, the hide and container - ingenuity, originality, humour, attention to detail, informative, interesting. A good size and quality container, well maintained, clean and dry, with a collection of swaps that's a bit different to the usual. Finally, 5 points for the WOW - a surprise, a thrill, something that takes my breath away, makes me struggle, makes me laugh, etc.

The caches listed on these pages include some the best we've visited. Click on the coins to see the caches.

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