Waypoint averaging

 Current co-ords


 Average co-ords


 Min accuracy

 Max Samples

This page averages co-ordinates over a period of time, and may be useful when setting a cache.

Press Help to toggle extended help on/off.

It uses location services provided by your browser. You need to permit the page to use your location if asked.

The program will not include in the average any sample with an indicated accuracy greater than the set minimum. It is better to set this to a low value, but not so low that no samples qualify.

It is better to use a large number for Max samples if you can afford the time.

Set the desired Min accuracy and Max samples using the sliders, and press Start. The program will stop when it reaches Max Samples, or if you press Stop.

If your screen turns off it will probably also turn off the GPS. I try to prevent this from happening, but different phone/browser combinations behave differently. If necessary, tap the screen occasionally to keep it on.

You can copy the averaged co-ordinates to the clipboard with Copy.